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Sports Fishing in Citrus County Florida

Great Fishing!
Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing.

Citrus County Florida has seven of Florida's outstanding water bodies. We are sure you will have an abundance of choices, and a productive and enjoyable time fishing Citrus County.

Spear Fishing Citrus County

What To Fish

If freshwater is your preference, then you have your choice of sunshine bass in the Lake Tsala Apopka chain, speckled perch in Lake Rousseau, catfish in the Withlacoochee or the ultimate southern quarry, the Florida Largemouth Bass, just about everywhere.

If saltwater is more to your liking, you can seek grouper and snapper at the reefs (Citrus County Reef#1, Laran C coordinate 14356.2/45305.5) and rock piles off the coast, sea trout and Spanish mackerel on the grass beds, cobia and sheepshead at the markers, redfish and whiting off the oyster bars, and record size tarpon working the flats.

Where To Fish

Once you have decided what you would like to fish for, the next choice is where you want to start. We have numerous boat ramps, fishing piers, bridges, and locations for bank fishing as well as professional guides, party boats, and boat rental businesses to serve you. Choose one of our local captains to take you out and show you where the fish are biting.

There are also have many bait shops and sporting goods stores where you can purchase live bait and the newest "can't miss" lures. They may even fill you in on the location of the latest hot spots.

Gulf Fishing

If you would like to go even further and find that special spot that the locals always seem to know about, try asking them! Citrus County's regulars are usually ready to share a few secrets, although I wouldn't go as far as to ask for directions to that 10 pound bass they caught last week!

When To Fish

Today! The last decision for you to make is when you want to fish. That depends on you. Certain fish, however, do have closed seasons and or special requirements that could affect your decision of when to fish. So select the time that is right for you and your desired fish. Build your dream home here in Citrus County and you will be fishing regularly!

Guidelines For Bass Fishermen

If your choice of fishing includes bass, we would ask that you practice these "Catch and Release" techniques. Remember, a trophy bass (8 lbs.+) takes 8 to 12 years to reach that size. These days, mounted fish are typically fiberglass casts. Therefore a good photograph and measurements are all you really need to place your "memorable battle" on the wall.

  1. Pinch down or remove hook barbs. Use single hooks or small trebles.
  2. Strike quickly when a fish takes the hook to avoid deep hooking.
  3. Play and land your fish quickly to reduce stress.
  4. Avoid the use of landing nets, towels, or gloves for landing to reduce the likelihood of infection or disease.
  5. Use wet hands to hold the bass, with a firm grasp on the lower jaw when possible. Don't touch the eyes or gills.
  6. Use "dehooking" tools to remove hooks.
  7. Cut the line instead of tearing the hook out.
  8. Return the fish to the water as quickly as possible.
  9. Avoid the use of stringers, fish baskets, or live wells.
  10. Revive the fish by passing water over the gills, releasing gently.

*Panfish include: Bluegill, Speckled Perch, Shell crackers, Stumpknockers, Warmouth, and Redfin Pickerel.

Note: Please check current regulations before any fishing trip.
Florida Fishing Regulations

Specific Guidelines For Coastal Fishermen

Gulf of Mexico Fishing
  • Learn and observe the manatee speed zones established for the Nature Coast area. If your destination is the Gulf, consider launching from a boat ramp close to Gulf waters.
  • Keep to established channels and stay in the center of marked channels when possible. Wear polarized glasses while operating a boat so you can see a manatee surfacing (as well as the fish you are seeking.)
  • Always be aware of the tides and weather. Watch your depth and running speed to avoid prop dredging and/or grass bed damage.
  • Please consider Catch and Release techniques when fishing. (If you don't know them, see the Specific Rules for Bass Fishermen but remember, a lot of salt water species have teeth, so rule 5 doesn't always apply).
  • Be mindful of your wake when passing shorelines or other fishermen. Waves cause shorelines to erode and stir up sediment that impede sea grass growth and survival (as well as scare away the fish.)

Other Guidelines

To make your fishing adventures enjoyable and productive as well as protect our fisheries and the environment that maintains them, we ask that you follow these few simple guidelines while fishing in Citrus County waters:

Pier Fishing Citrus County
  • Always be aware of local season restrictions, limits of catch, and other laws that apply to recreational fishing.
  • Keep only what you intend to CLEAN and eat. Practice catch and release techniques whenever possible.
  • LEAVE NO LITTER. Retrieve lost lines, hooks, sinkers, and nets if you can. Bring a trash bag with you and please recycle habitats such as shore banks, shallow grass flats, tidal creeks, and sloughs. Stay on established pathways or channels.
  • Obtain permission for entry on private lands. Respect others privacy and property. Be considerate to others.

This page and all of the many pages about Citrus County Florida which we are offering you here on our site are meant to help you learn about our wonderful area. Where you build your new home is very important and we wish to provide you with as much information about the Citrus County Florida area as you need. If you have any additional questions or would like to know anything else about our area, please call us at 800-853-2363 and we would be more than happy to help you.

Information from various sources who also promote Citrus County, Florida. We thank them and share the same desire to inform you about the great area we live and work in, Citrus County, Florida.