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Horses & Horseback Riding in Citrus County

Horses are Welcome ...
And Loved By Many!

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Citrus County

Mother Nature made Citrus County 'a natural' when it comes to equestrian activities. Whether you want a day's ride or a full equestrian camping trip, the facilities you need are here. Also, you may trailer your own horse or rent one. The fun of riding through some of the most beautiful public lands in Citrus County is available to you.

At Tillis Hill, in the Citrus tract of the Withlacoochee State Forest, there is a horse stable which accommodates 20 horses, as well as a 37-site camping area. From this campground, you can begin a 14-mile one day trail, or a 24-mile two-day trail.

We recommend you make reservations with the Florida Department of Forestry for use of the horse stables. Trails are available for use at any time.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has established horse trails on both the Flying Eagle and Pott's Preserve tracts. Flying Eagle has nine miles of designated equestrian trails (closed during hunting season). Equestrian camping is also allowed by permit.

Potts Preserve has 12 miles of marked trails and even allows horse-drawn buggies by permit. A limited number of horse stalls and overnight camping (no charge) is allowed by permit.

Equestrian Lifestyle in Citrus County Florida

The Withlacoochee State Trail, a 47-mile former CSX railroad right-of-way, is the newest addition to horseback riding trails in Citrus County. Plans include interconnection with Fort Cooper State Park for stable and camping opportunities. Horseback riding is presently confined to designated bridle paths.

Equestrian Guidelines

Whatever your choice or riding experience, we ask you to follow these simple guidelines to make your riding adventure safe for yourself and your horse, and to preserve the environment:

  • Each rider should carry proof of current Coggins test at all time.
  • Keep safe control of your animal, especially when encountering pedestrians or cyclists.
  • Stay on marked trails to avoid potential injury to your mount as well as damage to the environment.
  • Help keep the area clean and pack out any garbage you may generate.
  • Build fires only in designated fire rings, using only dead wood found on the ground.
  • Make reservations and obtain permits (when necessary) prior to your arrival to avoid delay or disappointment. (Allow at least two weeks; longer in holiday periods.)

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