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Hiking & Biking in Citrus County Florida

Hike or Bike
Surrounded by Nature's Beauty

Hiking in Citrus County Florida


As a hiker, you'll enjoy a wide range of choices in Citrus County. You can hike through sandhill, scrub, hardwood hammock, hydric swamp, prairie and marsh. Many trails go through several or all of these land types; all you need is the time and the stamina to follow them.

Whether your trail is short or long, wet or dry, improved or natural, you'll be able to see nature's offerings in Citrus County. Most of Citrus County offers some form of educational path, interpretative nature walk, or hiking trail, each featuring its own unique combination of ecosystems, flora and fauna.

You can combine hiking with a number of other activities, such as bird watching, camping or fishing. Hiking is also versatile in the amount of time you are able to spend ... a day, a weekend or longer, depending upon your schedule.

Hiking Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to follow for a safe and enjoyable hike, while preserving Mother Nature's gift of natural resources:

Hiking in Citrus County
  • Always let someone know your plans; where you are going, the route you plan to take and your planned return time or date.
  • Stay on established pathways and trails. Always sign in at established register points and study or carry maps before you start.
  • Check your gear and supplies before starting. Carry drinking water and a compass; wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Check weather advisories before and during your hike.
  • Plan restroom stops to avoid pollution of the habitat.
  • Leave no litter. Carry necessary trash bags and pack out trash. Recycle when possible.
  • Keep noise down. You'll see more and disturb less.
  • Remember, this is Citrus County, Florida, where heat can be oppressive and bugs overwhelming. Know and respect your limitations.
  • Obtain permission to hike on private land and public land, where necessary.
  • Try to follow the hikers motto: "Take only memories and leave only footprints"

Biking in Citrus County Florida

Bicycling in Citrus County

Biking is great exercise and a wonderful way to see a variety of natural settings found in Citrus County. If this is your favorite way to go, you can choose from a cross-country excursion, a meandering scenic day ride or a more primitive off-road track.

The rolling hills of the Central Ridge provide the most challenging bike ride for cross-country cyclists. Roads which lend themselves well to cyclists are S. Pleasant Grove Road (CR 581), Stagecoach Trail (CR 480) and the internal roadways of housing developments in Citrus Springs, Sugarmill Woods, Pine Ridge, Citrus Hills and Beverly Hills. Each offers something different; acres of undeveloped land with already paved roads, challenging hills, and panoramic miles-wide views.

A popular cycling route is the recently established Withlacoochee State Trail. Formerly a railroad right-of-way, the 47-mile trail is paved its entire length through Citrus County. Rental bikes and roller blades are available in the downtown Inverness area.

For the adventurous in spirit, off-road biking is available with two Southwest Florida Water Management District tracts: Potts Preserve and Flying Eagle. The trails are unpaved, so primitive biking procedures and precautions should be practiced.

Biking Guidelines

Here are some simple guidelines for enjoying safe biking experiences in Citrus County:

  • Always observe traffic and right-of-way rules when riding on roadways. Be aware of what's going on around you at all times.
  • When stopped, move off roadways and trails.
  • In congested areas, slow down and form a single line.
  • Give an audible warning when passing and move left to pass.
  • Respect the right of property owners. Be considerate of others at all times.
Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee Website.

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