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Signature Homes

Below you will find several of our signature and award-winning Signature Homes which we hope will serve as an inspiration when creating your dream home. Simply click each one to see more photos, the floor plan, and more information about the home.

"I'm a people person. I really like a hands-on, one-on-one relationship with customers. I will take a more personal approach." - Charles "Chuck" Sanders (Founder, President)

The personal touch is the very basis of the SanderSon Bay Fine Homes standard and our "Signature Homes" philosophy. Chuck never intended to build 150 homes a year. We leave that to the other guys. We stay focused on quality rather than quantity. SanderSon Bay’s Signature Homes serve only as a starting point in the development of your dream home plans.

biscayne, Graphic Model Name
Palm Bay, Graphic Model Name
Palm Bay
Somerset, Graphic Model Name
Aripeka Graphic Model Name
captiva, Graphic Model Name
St-martin, Graphic Model Name
St. Martin
St Martin-II Graphic Model Name
madeira, Graphic Model Name
Jefferson, Graphic Model Name